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#610  Adam and Eve from England
Cross Stitch. Hunter green, light brown, very dark brown, rose tan, dark rose tan, brazil (red). 7" x 13" on 32/34 count  Lisbeth natural linen.


#210  18th C. Newport School Rhode Island Sampler
Cross stitch, Algerian eye, diamond eyelet, rice, filling and straight stitches. Wine, black, lavender rose, plum, two blues, gold brown, rosetan, white and green. 10" x 12 1/2" on 32/34 count  Lisbeth natural linen.

#901  1860 French Sampler Recreation
Cross stitch. Black, dark off white, two plums,  two greens, dark yellow and light brown. 15" x 15 1/2" on 32/34 count Lisbeth natural linen.

Due to the inconsistent nature of computer printouts, this catalog is only a close
representation of the actual colors and stitched pieces.


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